Recently We have been learning about calligram words do you know what they are ? They’re describing words eg. the Elephant is big and the mouse is small.

Spectacular 60s!

In Cedar this week we have been once again doing more about the 60s and the Beatles.

Not only that but we have been doing even more! Lately, we have been doing

more about travel guides and then also magazine articles which are really fun!


More wild things!

We have been reading more of where the wild things are and describing the personalities of the wild things. Like if there funny or scary.We have written a paragraph for a character in the book and have described him as a kind and funny character.

Travel Guide

Here in Cedar Class in English this week, we have been learning and writing all about travel guides! Our travel guides were all about going to… York! Finland & Liverpool.

If you got to pick, which one would you choose to go to!?



Our new class book!

Our new class book is called where the wild things are.Its about a boy called Max who goes to a magic island full of wild things called The wild rumpus! We have also been learning about plants and how they live also about parts of a flower and naming them!

The Sassy 60s

This week Yr2 has been learning all about the 1960s!!.

The main topic has been….The Beatles!!!

and they have been learning how to jive not to mention also do a magazine article  in English.


More great great Britian !

We have been learning more about Great Great Britain and and the places in it such as Eccleston and London.

We also have been talking about what type of buildings are in Great Britian like flats,shops, bungalows, schools, farms and a post office .

Our Fab Guest!

Mr. Parr – father to Stephanie Parr, a year 2 student – visited year 2 to talk about all materials you could make a house out of. He brought in a big wheel barrow full of different things, like rock, bricks and wood. It was really fun and exiting so we hope we meet him again! Mr. Parr is an amazing builder and has built many things.



We are so sorry that we couldn’t post pictures of our games but we are happy to say that they turned out really well! now we have been challenged by our teacher to make a new skin for human beings! The skin has to conclude of helping us to be safe from bacteria and healthy to use soap and everything that our skin needs to keep us alive and healthy! We have mostly been testing different materials like tinfoil,plastic bags,paper bags and newspaper! we have been doing stuff like seeing if tour chosen material burns from fire,we test them with water and even rub on some soap! WE ARE O EXITED TO POST AGAIN NEXT WEEK!

This Week

So this week we are doing some plant experiments! We have recently got some plants to use,one will have light,one will have no light,one will have water and one wont have water! This morning we have been doing perimeter in maths