Welcome to Rowan

Welcome to Rowan

Hello and welcome to Rowan class!

This year, we have been taking on lots of new activities that challenge us. We have been learning all about the continent Europe and have paid particular attention to the capital city of France; Paris! Our class have been involved in an advertising campaign where we had to persuade people to come and visit this wonderful city! Within our Literacy lessons, we have also produced songs based on European cities and wrote stories that capture the varied cultures of our continent!

During are maths lessons, we have been looking at reading numbers up to 1,000,000, prime numbers, factors and multiples. We have also studied the properties of rectilinear shapes!

There are some fantastic artists in Rowan class! We have researched the famous French painter - Claude Monet and taken inspiration from his work. Our favourite piece is Sunrise (1872).

Luck of the Irish – Learning menu

This term the children will be learning all about the history of Ireland.

They will be learning all about the Celts and their art.

The learning menu is just a suggestion of some activities that the children can do. If they would like to do something of their own they are more than welcome.

We look forward to seeing all their hard work.

Luck of the Irish – Learning Menu

To infinity and beyond!

Rowan have had a fantastic start to the year! In topic we have been exploring earth and the solar system. We have been investigating the vast distances and scale of the solar system. We have been using the school virtual reality goggles to explore the spherical shape of earth and how this causes night and day through the rotation of the earth. We investigated the length of our shadows and how they change throughout the day because of the rotation of the earth.