Welcome to Cedar Class

In year 2 we are really enjoy writing, some of us even have handwriting pens!
We always try our best and never give up.
We work hard and enjoy doing lots of different activities.
We are working on our reading stamina and practising our maths.
We have already learnt our number bonds!
We are very creative and enjoy making things in Art and crafts.
We love to use our brains in many different ways and encourage each other in all we do.

Fairy Tales With A Twist & Materials.

This week in Cedar we have been doing Fairy tales with a crazy twist! Such as Cinderella but the prince is really mean and moody. We also have been doing ‘The Three Little Piggies’ where the pigs make the houses out of metal so the big bad wolf can’t come in!

Do you know the story?


Then also in Science we have been learning all the different materials for building house that are able for people to live.

We’ve decided that houses being made out of bricks, secure wood and stone are the best for building.


-Cedar Class


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