Hello we are Willow Class!


We are Willow class, a group of Year 1 children who alongside our teachers would like to welcome you to our school!

We love our time at Eccleston as every day brings new opportunities and exciting activities our way. As a class, our favourite thing is to listen to music, so our teachers try to make sure lots of our learning is done through songs and rhymes. We have a fun filled, action packed year ahead of us and can’t wait to get started ... keep your eyes peeled for pictures and updates as we progress through the year!

This is us,
there are 30 of us.

More great great Britian !

We have been learning more about Great Great Britain and and the places in it such as Eccleston and London.

We also have been talking about what type of buildings are in Great Britian like flats,shops, bungalows, schools, farms and a post office .

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