Eco Team 2018/19

Eccleston Primary School has a very active Eco-team who endeavour to reduce, reuse and recycle daily.

Two Eco-warriors from each year group have daily tasks of switching off lights and computers, managing the composting and recycling paper, plastic and card. Our new Eco-Team is very enthusiastic and is looking forward to making a real difference in school!

Here are our 2018/19 Eco-Warriors……..

Meetings are held every half-term and the committee discusses awareness campaigns such as ‘Switch-off Fortnight’, ‘Waste Week’, Fairtrade Awareness as well as environmental issues.

The Eco-team also run a Fairtrade and organic stall at Family Assemblies every half-term and at School Fairs, which is very well supported.

Eco-competitions for the whole school are organised to raise awareness of environment issues such as the amount of plastic in our oceans. We had a plastic bottle alien competition last year. The results were wonderful and children at our school reused and recycled lots of different materials to make them! We raised enough money to sponsor a dolphin ( voted for by the pupils in our school).

This year, the Eco-team are going to be busy improving part of the woodland area near the back playground.  Watch this space for further details! If you think you can help in any way, please let us know in school.

Mrs Allen


This year the Eco-team are planning to improve the woodland area by the football pitch. They have lots of wonderful ideas and hopefully we will make the area a welcoming place for us to enjoy and a suitable habitat for our woodland friends.
First of all, we went on an exploration to see what was there already….

As you can see, there are lots of trees and shrubs and a little pathway to an opening.
Here are some of the ideas our Eco-warriors came up with…

Sam suggested a house for a hedgehog to protect them in winter.

Lola would like to add a frog house for our amphibian friends.

Mason would like to care for the spiders and build another Bug Hotel and Ella would like to make bird feeders and bird houses for our feathered friends.

If you can help in any way, please let us know.


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