School Council

We are Eccleston’s School Council team of 2016/17. This year our members are Lauren and Charlie (Year 6), Isobel and Harry (Year 5), Millie and Blake (Year 4), Eleanor and Abigail (Year 3), Chloe and Ethan (Year 2) and Luke and Jasmine (Year 1).

We work hard, as a team, to make improvements to school life for our pupils. We organise and run lots of whole school events that are fun and exciting, where everyone can have a good time! Money raised sometimes goes towards buying things that our pupils enjoy to use, such as new playground equipment. We gladly welcome ideas from all our pupils and ask their thoughts on what School Council can do for them to improve their school life.

We also like to support charities and we donate as much money as we can to several worthy causes throughout the year. Our most recent fundraiser was our Spotacular event, We all enjoyed taking part in activities and were so pleased to have raised hundreds of pounds for Children in Need. Look out for our future upcoming events and we hope to see you come along and support our fantastic School Council!