School Governors

The Governing Body at Eccleston Primary School is an incredibly effective and hard working group that play a vital role in school development. Governors are involved in decisions about all aspects of managing the school, such as: curriculum, premises, budgets, staffing and setting standards.

Governors also help to make decisions about the school’s long-term goals. They support the Head Teacher, but also ask questions to ensure that the Head Teacher is taking the school in the right direction.

The full Governing Body meets three times a year. A committee for teaching and learning looks at aspects such as: attainment, progress, targets, subject leadership and school improvement. A committee for staffing and finance looks at aspects such as: budget monitoring, buildings, health and safety and staff. Smaller groups meet more regularly to discuss specific issues.

Each Governor brings a wealth of skills and expertise, such as; finance, health and safety, management and educational awareness. All governors are linked with a subject/focus area and is in contact with the school subject leader, creating a good awareness of current themes and initiatives. Additionally, each governor is linked with a class and follows that class on their journey through school. Governors are welcomed into classes and are actively involved in school life.

As Chair of Governors and a resident of Eccleston, I am incredibly proud and honored to represent Eccleston Primary School and to be part of a great team of teachers and governors. We value the community in which we serve and offer a warm welcome to both current and prospective parents and children.

Stuart Heaton

Governing Body



Governor Class Role Committee Subject(s) Area Area
Mrs Cathy Armstrong Year 4 Co-opted Teaching & Learning


SEN Pupil Premium
Mr Kelvin Wilkins n/a Headteacher Teaching & Learning

Buildings & Finance

Mrs Kate Cranage n/a Deputy Headteacher Teaching & Learning

Buildings & Finance

Miss Stephanie Phillips n/a Teacher Teaching & Learning


Mrs Caroline Parr Year 5 Parent Teaching & Learning

Buildings & Finance

PE Training Link


HT Appraisal

Discipline (Pupil)
Mr Stuart Heaton Year 6 Vice Chair Teaching & Learning

Buildings & Finance




Discipline (Staff)


Online Safety


HT Appraisal

Mrs Rachel Faris Year 2 Authority Teaching & Learning

Buildings & Finance

Maths Pay


Mr Lee Finch Year R Co-opted Buildings & Finance Pay Extended Schools
Mr George Brindle n/a Teacher Teaching & Learning

Buildings & Finance

Mr John Dunlop Year 1 Parent



Copy of Govs Attendance Matrix 16-17