Hello, and welcome to Sycamore's Class page.

Hello, and welcome to Sycamore's Class page.

In Sycamore we have 30 incredible children, each of whom bring their own amazing qualities to make us complete. We love learning lots of new things along with our amazing Teacher Miss Grimes and our wonderful teaching assistants Mrs Airey and Mrs Rimmer.

We enjoy exploring the world around us and work incredibly hard in our class, learning to read and write in such creative ways. We are very lucky that our classroom is set up into different areas such as role play, construction, playdough and water play. We also love our time outdoors, spending time on the gym, on our bikes and scooters, on the trim trail and in the dell.

Sycamore is such a special class, with happy, inquisitive and polite children.

New Friends! 4 years – 94 years.

Reception children have visited their new friends today at Stocks Hall. The children have met elderly ladies and gentlemen and spent the morning completing lots of fun activities with them, their favourite being cake decorating.

Watching the children interact with their elderly friends and seeing the happiness on everyone’s faces was heart warming and made me feel incredibly lucky to teach such kind, caring and confident children.

The morning was a huge success and showed what a great community school we are, providing children with incredible experiences.

We are already excited for our next visit!


We’ve got the reading bug!

We have been loving learning all of our Phase 2 sounds in phonics. The children have been enjoying segmenting and blending and are able to read their books to their parents which is such an achievement.

We have loved having our own blending line in class. The children run to the board each day to see the different letter sounds and blend them together to make a word.

To see the love that Sycamore children have for books and for reading is wonderful and makes me very proud as their teacher.

Keep it up, Sycamore!

100 Numbers are Everywhere!

Sycamore have been exploring the idea that numbers are everywhere.

The children have been busy at home and in the local area finding different numbers, for example, at Heskin Hall butchers. The children have been bringing their photographs into school and we have been highlighting each number we have found on the 100 square.

We are having lots of fun finding different numbers in the environment.