PE and Sport Premium Funding

At Eccleston Primary School, we are committed to driving the profile for PE forward, ensuring that children have a positive attitude towards physical activity and enjoy participating in high quality PE.

We recognise the contribution that PE makes to the health and well-being of all our pupils. We value the importance of reaching children early and instilling in them this same understanding of physical activity.

We strive to ensure that every child participates in physical activity for at least two hours a week – including competitive and non-competitive activities over the year.

We are constantly looking at ways of embedding an enthusiasm, appreciation and love of sports plus physical activities in all of our children at Eccleston Primary school, as well as looking for opportunities to broaden the types of activities offered to them.

Report for PE and Sports Premium 2016 -2017

Funding for the PE and sport premium

The funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

Schools receive PE and sport premium funding based on the number of pupils in years 1 to 6.

This is determined by the number of pupils in school, using data from the January 2016 school census.

Funding for 2016 to 2017

Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £8,000 and an additional payment of £5 per pupil.

Eccleston Primary School will have received £8799 for the financial year 2016 – 2017.

The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in school that goes above and beyond the curriculum requirements. The purpose of the funding is to improve the provision of PE and look towards sustainability in the future. However, within Government guidelines the school has the freedom to choose how the money is spent.

Allocation of funds 2016 to 2017

The money has been spent in the following key areas:

· Service Contract Agreement with *CSSP £ 2900

· Sports Coaching £ 2000

· Staff time to support PALS £ 1735

· Purchase of storage and equipment £ 1164

· Grounds – Path for run a mile £ 1000

Total £ 8799

*CSSP Chorley Schools Sports Partnership

Service Contract Agreement with Chorley Schools Sports

This year we have again signed up for the full package of services provided by Chorley Schools Sports Partnership. This allows us to enter competitions with other Primary Schools in Chorley through Sainsbury Games and receive training for staff. In additional to these we have now been able to access the following:

· Bikeablity training for Year 5 pupils

· Change4Life – access to training and resources to support healthy living and making the right choices.

· Gifted and Talented – Those Year 6 pupils identified as Gifted and Talented have been offered opportunities to attend workshops.

· Inclusion Festivals – Sporting Opportunities for those children who do not relish competitive games.

· Leadership Training for Year 6 pupils to work as playtime buddies.

· Opportunities for free workshops in Cheerleading – during PE lessons.

· Support from Young Leaders at secondary school.

· Participation in indoor athletic competitions – Years 3 to 6

· Participation in Hi-Five and football leagues

Sports Coaching

Chorley Schools Sports Partnership has provided additional sports coaching during curriculum time and can also provide extra curricular clubs. The coaches have worked alongside staff providing training and guidance in specific areas of PE as requested by individuals. This will ensure that in future years teachers are confident and competent to teach high level PE lessons in all areas of the curriculum.

The coaching provided has so far included; dance, cricket and gymnastic lessons this year.

Impact of PE and Sports Premium Funding

Since the introduction of the sports coaching from Chorley Schools Partnership and the PE and Sports Premium funding, we have noticed some positive impacts on the school. The staff are more confident delivering high quality PE lessons throughout school, as noted in the staff questionnaires. The children’s questionnaires informed school that the children are enthused by PE and clubs in school as well as feeling that their skills are developing. To act further on this we will continue to look for areas that require more support and a wider variety of high quality activities and clubs for the children to participate in.

The number of children participating in competitions and clubs is increasing each year. So far this year we have had 92% participation in KS2 and 40% in KS1. We will continue to keep a record of this and aim for maximum participation in the future, especially by providing more opportunities in KS1.

As a school we have had plenty of successes this year during competitions, including winning the Cluster Rounders’ Tournament, we were joint second in the Chorley Tennis competition for year 3 and 4. We achieved a Gold medal in the Chorley Large School’s swimming Gala for Butterfly. We were also in the final of the Blackburn and Darwin Football tournament, competing at Ewood Park.

This shows the impact of the sports premium funding and how it has improved health, fitness and contributions to sport and games.

Staff Time to support PALS

A member of staff has been allocated additional hours to work with Year 6 and Year 5 children to develop activities at lunchtimes. This followed on from the initial training by CSSP. The children have been taught a number of games and activities that they then play with younger children at lunchtime. These are some of the benefits:

· More children participating in activities at lunchtime;

· Less confident children are able to join in as the activities are aimed at having fun rather than winning;

· Year 5 and 6 pupils have grown in confidence and taken a flexible approach by adapting games to suit the needs of the children.

· Older children are seen as role models to whom the younger children are inspired.

Purchase of Storage and Equipment

Part of the Sports Premium has been used to purchase additional equipment and storage for PE, including baskets, boxes, balls and bibs. This makes it much easier to provide high quality lessons with enough equipment for the children to participate fully. The storage areas have been organised for ease of access and we are working together to keep them this way. We have some funding still to spend on these as well as some for making improvements to our grounds around school, with particular focus on establishing a pathway that would be used as part of the ‘Run a Mile’ initiative.

Links with Clubs and Community Groups

This year, we entered an ‘EXL Cup’ football competition where we came 2nd out of 62 teams, we played the final match at Ewood Park in front of 17,000 fans, which was an amazing achievement.

The school are also going to be participating in a forthcoming football competition ‘The Ollerton Cup’ which we have won in previous years.

The school has allowed the facilities to be used for Soccer Mites football sessions. This promotes healthy lifestyles for families with pre-school aged children, and develops basic skills that can be built upon later in school.

The football pitch has been used by Eccleston and Heskin Youth Football teams for matches and training. Their coach has helped run after school football training.

We have maintained links with Roots Tennis, Dance Talent and Judo Education who provide extra curricular clubs after school.


Children were involved in a PE themed week last half term – the week’s theme being ‘Aims and Targets’. Each class focussed on this theme as often as they could during the week, fitting in extra physical activities across the curriculum areas where possible, particularly Maths. They also each designed a game based on aiming and targets that would involve Maths too – the games have been displayed outside each classroom and will next be taught to a different class within our school and ideally to a class at one of our cluster schools, when arranged. During the week, each child completed a ‘footstep pledge’ – making a promise to themselves to be more active over the year. These are going to be displayed around school for motivation – hopefully outside, creating a pathway to follow. All children in school participated in extra lessons that were very generously given by Chorley Schools Sports Partnership when asked. The children and staff also completed a questionnaire about PE in school – this will be very useful to see which areas we can improve and adapt to make sure that we accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences. We would also like to use this information to select a ‘Sport’ for the school to focus on, build links with local community and excel in.

Cluster Events

As in previous years we will be participating in and organising a number of events for all schools within our cluster. As in previous years these include:

· Hi-Five Netball

· Boys & Girls Football

· Cross Country

· Athletics

· Rounders

Again this Year, we will be including a tennis competition at Croston Tennis Club, for both KS1 and KS2 children.

Cluster Events

As in previous years we will be participating in and organising a number of events for all schools within our cluster. As in previous years these include:

  • Hi-Five Netball
  • Boys & Girls Football
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Rounders

Again this Year, we will be including a tennis competition at Croston Tennis Club, for both KS1 and KS2 children.

The Daily Mile

We are still looking at the best way to create a mile circuit around the school grounds. The idea is to develop a voluntary daily run for children, parents and staff for the next school year. I am hoping to start this in the summer term when the weather is more favourable.

Forest Schools

Children in Year 1 have continued to participate in Forest Schools activities linked to other areas of the curriculum. The idea is to develop a bank of resources and activities that can be adapted throughout the school to promote outdoor learning across the year groups. This is on our School improvement plan to explore this further.


We have employed Mr Walker as a Teaching Assistant; he will be teaching specialist PE lessons linked to our chosen specialist sport – Tennis. He will also be offering after school sessions.

Other members of staff have also committed to offer after school clubs for PE in a variety of sports including Football, Netball, Cross Country, Hockey and Rounders so far. We will be also be asking for other volunteers/opportunities from parents with particular skills and interests in other sports.

School Games Mark
The school has been awarded its Silver Mark for its participation in events and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, for the previous school year.