Eco Team 2020-21

October 2020

Last year the Eco-Team raised over £630 to help the animals and habitats affected by the Australian Bushfires. What an amazing result! Funds were raised by donations to the Change for Life Jars, as well as selling Koala bracelets. Thank you to everyone who got involved!

This year our Eco-team would like to raise awareness of plastic waste, especially in our oceans. We are busy, as a school, collecting bottle tops which we will use to make a massive collage of an ocean animal. We are also running a competition to make an ocean animal out of plastic waste. See the information below…

plastic ocean animal competition 20

Well done to our new eco warriors who are all enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to making a difference!

Mrs Allen

Here are our 2020-21 Eco-Warriors…

2019/2020 Eco Warriors

Eccleston Primary School has a very active Eco-team who endeavour to reduce, reuse and recycle daily. Two Eco-warriors from each year group have daily tasks of switching off lights and computers, managing the composting and recycling paper, plastic and card. Our new Eco-Team is very enthusiastic and is looking forward to making a real difference in school!

Here are some of the quotes from our Eco-warriors….

“I would like to make Bug Wood even better and provide shelter for the animals.”

“I would like to reduce the amount of waste we produce in school.”

” Switching off electrical items is something I want to improve.”

” I would like to plant more trees.”

“I want everyone to recognise the Fairtrade/Cocoa Plan sign so farmers can get a good price for the things they grow.”

Meetings are held every half-term and the committee discusses awareness campaigns such as ‘Switch-off Fortnight’, ‘Waste Week’, Fairtrade Awareness as well as environmental issues.

The Eco-team also run a Fairtrade and organic stall at Family Assemblies every half-term and at School Fairs, which is very well supported.

Eco-competitions for the whole school are organised to raise awareness of environment issues such as the amount of plastic in our oceans.

Mrs Allen

January 2020

Happy New Year!

Unfortunately, the news in Australia has not been good over the Christmas period with huge, devastating bushfires raging throughout New South Wales damaging habitat and millions of animals and plants.

The eco-team has decided to raise money to help the animals caught in the fires and rebuild the habitats for them to live in. A third of the world’s Koala population has been affected.

There will be Koala friendship bracelets for sale at a cost of £3.75 (or more, donations welcome). They are available in 6 different colours and have a very cute silver Koala on them! They are proving to be VERY popular!

There will also be a competition between the classes to fill a Change For Life Jar with coins. Children are encouraged to earn spending money at home to donate to this good cause. This will hopefully raise their awareness of the problem but also see that they, themselves, can do something to help. The class with the heaviest jar will get to choose the animal to sponsor in Australia.

Please click on the following link for more details…

wildfires letter

Thank you for your support. 

From Mrs Allen and the Eco-team