Mr Wilkins – Head Teacher

My name is Mr Wilkins and I am the Headteacher.

I have worked in various schools across Blackburn and Chorley and I love my job.

The children of Eccleston Primary School are a delight to work with and bring so much enjoyment to my work. It’s richly rewarding to see children grow and develop in so many ways and to be part of that process.

Away from school I am an avid fan of Blackburn Rovers and enjoy taking part in sport such as football, badminton and tennis. I like films and enjoy visiting the cinema and have been known to watch three movies in succession. I enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places.

I recognise the integral role the school plays within the community and welcome parents and friends into school to be part of the wonderful community we have here at Eccleston Primary School.


Mrs Cranage – Deputy Head Teacher

My name is Kate Cranage and I’m the Deputy Headteacher here at Eccleston Primary School.

I’m also the Year 6 class teacher and I feel very lucky to teach our oldest pupils in their final year at this incredible primary school. I’m passionate about teaching and ensuring we provide the very best for the children of today.

Away from school, I love to travel and visit as many different countries as possible!
I also love music and going to see different artists and bands perform live.


Miss Phillips – Year 3

Hi I’m Miss Phillips and I am lucky enough to be teaching Year 3 this year. Throughout my time at Eccleston I have taught Years 1, 2, 4 and love the opportunity to teach across school, getting to know as many of the children here as possible.

In school this year, I will be holding a gymnastics club and also overseeing our very own Eccleston Radio station, bringing music to all children over the lunchtime period.

I am a member of the SLT and work alongside Mr Wilkins and Mrs Cranage with responsibility for a number of whole school issues including Maths and the wider curriculum.

The best thing about being a teacher here at Eccleston is the warm and caring ethos we all share, we are a team and care for each and every child as they do for us.

Miss Grimes – Reception

My name is Rachael Grimes and I am currently the Reception teacher here at Eccleston Primary School. This will be my second year teaching Reception and I feel very fortunate to be teaching the youngest children in school. I love spending my days with such enthusiastic and curious children and to see all of their incredible achievements they make. I am passionate about children having engaging and inspiring learning opportunities to support them to gain a love of learning.
Throughout school I am the phonics lead which allows me to support children in developing their reading and writing skills. It always makes me proud to see the children using their phonics skills on a daily basis and to see the remarkable progress they make. I am also the R.E lead and am excited about developing this subject further throughout school to provide children with an enriching curriculum.
Away from school, I love nothing more than a shopping day followed by a Costa caramel slice.


Mrs Thomas – Year 1


Mrs Airey – Teaching Assistant

Hello, I am Mrs Airey.

I started work as a Teaching Assistant at Eccleston Primary School in 2015. I have worked in Year 4 and Year 1.

I currently work in Reception which I really enjoy. We have a great time helping the children to learn in lots of fun, interesting and exciting ways.

I particularly like helping the children to become confident in Phonics. I have a special interest in Speech, Language and Communication within the School.


Mrs Rimmer – Teaching Assistant

Hello, I am Mrs Rimmer. I started working at Eccleston Primary School in March 2018 as an apprentice teaching assistant. I work full time with our reception class children.
I love working as a teaching assistant at Eccleston, I find it very rewarding. I particularly enjoy working with the younger pupils of our school, as I like to watch them grow in confidence as they learn, play and develop.
Away from school I enjoy, trips to the cinema, eating out, visiting new places and nice holidays in the sunshine.


Mrs Allen – Year 3

My name is Mrs Helen Allen and I have been working at Eccleston Primary for the last fifteen years. I have taught in many year groups and look forward to teaching Year 3 with Miss Phillips and Mr Walker this year. My days will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
I am the Science coordinator for the school and many people know me for running the Eco-team. You will often find me selling Fairtrade and organic goods with my dedicated Eco-team at school fairs and class assemblies. We also run competitions to raise awareness ecological issues.
In the Summer, I run a Nature Club for the younger children, where we explore the world around us.
I look forward to a great year ahead with my new class!


Mrs Holden – Beechbuds

Hello! I’m Mrs Holden, I have taught at Eccleston Primary School since 2012 working in a variety of classrooms throughout the school. This year, I take on an exciting new role that involves working with the pre-school children in Beechbuds. Each afternoon, I shall be teaching new skills to children throughout the school in different year groups covering for their class teacher. I’m excited to teach so many children every week and it will be brilliant to see all that progress throughout the year! I am also taking on the subjects of Art and DT this year, something, which I am passionate about. I have lots of ideas about how to move the subject forward.


Miss Sanders – Teaching Assistant

Hello, I’m Ms Sanders and i have worked at Eccleston Primary School for 7 years. I started as 1-1 support for a child with special needs and from there I have developed my skills across a range of classes from Reception, year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 4. This will be my third year in year 1. In my spare time I enjoy yoga and pilates classes.


Miss Duong – Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Hello, I’m Miss Duong and I am currently working in Cedar class. I have been at Eccleston Primary School for 2 years now and have enjoyed working last year in Year 1 and this year in Year 2. I love my job supporting one to one as well as working with small groups.


Mrs Ashcroft – Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Hello, my name is Mrs. Ashcroft and I currently work in year 4 as TA and HLTA. I am coming up to my twelth year at Eccleston Primary School, which I think proves I love working here.

I have worked with all the year groups in my time here but I particularly enjoy year 4. I also enjoy lots of other roles in the school and these include working with fostered and adopted children and their families, working alongside Mrs Ashworth in the office and updating our exciting events so far board at the front of school.

It’s safe to safe life at Eccleston Primary is never boring, and to top it all off I work alongside a fabulous team.


Mrs Mansfield – Year 2

Hi, I’m Mrs Mansfield and I currently teach in Year 2 at Eccleston Primary School. I love teaching children new skills and I am determined to make learning challenging yet fun. I coordinate PE throughout the school; it’s always fantastic to see so many children enjoying the huge variety of lessons, activities, clubs and competitions that we provide and organise – I’m excited about working with the staff and children this year to make our school even more active. I have also just become the PSHE coordinator in school which I’m looking forward to developing further as well.
Away from school, my passions involve travel – learning about other people, places and cultures – as well as singing, (I’m part of a local choir) Salsa dancing, music and movies.


Mr Walker – Teaching Assistant

Hello, I’m Mr Walker and I am currently working in Year 3 with Maple class. I have worked as a teaching assistant for 5 years working across KS1 and KS2.

Within school I have the roles of keeping children fit and healthy through organised team games at lunch times and working through all years planning and delivering sport specific P.E sessions, these include tennis, cricket, football and athletics.

I have a passion for playing lots of different sports and I love teaching new skills to children for them to gain motivation, self esteem and confidence.

Mr Frost – Teaching Assistant

My name is Mr Frost and I have worked at Eccleston Primary since April 2017.

I first qualified as a teacher in 2001 after working many years at Preston College. After teaching in schools in East Lancashire and Preston and achieving the post of Deputy Head Teacher I decided to leave the profession for family reasons and worked for three years at a local childrens’ home whilst also volunteering at my son’s new primary school. It was here that I realised I wished to return to a school environment and so was very pleased to be given the opportunity to begin my role at Eccleston Primary. At present I work as a Teaching Assistant in Year 5 in the mornings and teach Year 6 in the afternoons.


Hi, I’m Miss Hartley and I have worked at Eccleston Primary School for the past 4 years. I am the classroom teaching assistant for year 2.

At lunch times I run a nurture group called Rainbow Club to support children. I also lead a group called PALS which teaches our older children to run and organise fun games to help and support our younger children at lunch times.

I love working at Eccleston Primary School and enjoy the different challenges each day brings to the role.

Mr Brindle – Year 4 Teacher


Mrs Whitcombe – Teaching Assistant

Hi, I’m Mrs Whitcombe and I have been at Eccleston Primary School since 2000 and have worked in Reception for 15 years and i am now supporting in Year 5 and one afternoon in Reception.

I am very interested in music and support the whole School singing and running the chior. I love working with the children and seeing their confidence growing daily.

Overall, it is a very rewarding job and each day is full of new challenges I look forward too.


Mrs Catterall – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ashworth – bursar

Hi I’m Joanne Ashworth and I joined Eccleston Primary School in April 2017 as the school bursar. I look after all aspects of the office and really enjoy meeting the parents and children each day. My role is extremely varied and this makes it very interesting as no two days are ever the same.

Away from school I love spending time with my family, going for long walks with my dog, reading and of course shopping.


Mrs Sunter – Beechbuds Leader


Mrs Miller – Beechbuds Deputy Leader


Mrs Button – Welfare Assistant


Mrs Garner – Welfare Assistant


Mrs Dengate – Welfare Assistant


Mrs Mansfield – Welfare Assistant