Reception – Sycamore

Welcome to Reception

We’re Reception class and our class name is Sycamore.  Our team consists of our teacher Mrs Thomas and our teaching assistant  Mrs Exley. 

During their time in reception your child will learn to be strong and independent. We provide rich learning opportunities through play and playful teaching. Children are well supported to take risks and explore in our warm and loving atmosphere, allowing their potential to soar!

We plan learning around the children’s interests, creating a stimulating environment, both indoor and outdoor, so they are always engaged and eager to learn. We also learn outdoors in our wonderful wooded dell where we can build, run, jump, write and so much more. 

We encourage a strong partnership between home and school. We love every minute of watching your children grow into inquisitive, enthusiastic and confident learners.

You can read our Class Newsletters and Learning Menus by clicking on the link on the right.

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