School Meals

Lunchtimes at our school are happy, healthy and safe. We pride ourselves on this. We help children to make good choices and to use their manners. We encourage talk and often an adult will enjoy their lunch sitting at a table with the children. We are a Healthy School with a large dining room.

Mellors, our meals provider, ensures that there is an exciting choice of nutritional and tasty meals every day. Children have 4 main meal choices every day and these include sandwiches with salad and a jacket potato with a choice of fillings. The menu is displayed on our weekly Hotspot and shared in class each week.

Packed lunches

Children can bring a packed lunch from home to eat in the dining room. We hope that this is a healthy and well-balanced meal eg a fruit drink, a sandwich, some fruit and a yoghurt or biscuit. We prefer pupils not to bring fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are now eligible for free school meals.

Please note – we are a nut free school.