SEND policy

At Eccleston Primary School we are committed to working together with all members of our school community.  We believe in achievement for all.  We want all adults and children to participate in learning and we celebrate all members of our community.  We strive to create an inclusive culture in our school and we aim to be responsive to the diversity of children’s backgrounds, interests, experience, knowledge and skills, so that all children regardless of individual need make the best possible progress.

We value high quality teaching for all learners and actively monitor teaching and learning in school. We aim to create a learning environment which is flexible enough to meet the needs of all members of our school community.  We monitor progress of all learners; adults continually assess, plan, do and review to ensure learning is taking place.  Our whole school system for monitoring progress includes regular pupil progress meetings.

Some of our pupils may require additional support so that they can access the curriculum and make progress at their own level.

In school we follow the ‘Graduated Response’ to support all children who have additional needs. Through this process we:

Assess the children – Find out which areas they need support with.

Plan – Put a targeted support of intervention in place.

Do – Carry out the intervention for a set amount of time.

Review – Complete an evaluation of the impact the intervention has had on the child’s progress.

The flowchart below illustrates this process and how other external agencies may be involved in your child’s progress.

Our school SEND report includes information for how we identify, assess and make provision for pupils with SEND and for the admission of disabled pupils.  It can be read by clicking on the link below.