Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

We’re Year 2 and our class name is Cedar.  Our team consists of our teacher Mrs Mansfield  and our teaching assistants Mr Walker and Mr Boulter. 

Year 2 is an exciting year where the children can show all their amazing skills they have learnt during Reception and Year 1. They continue to develop a wide range of skills in preparation for life in Key Stage 2.

Children are encouraged to be more independent, to make good behaviour choices and to let their potential soar. Now that they are working towards Key Stage 2 they will look after themselves and their property and will further their understanding of how to be a good friend.

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Programmes of Study


Living things and their habitats


Animals including humans

Uses of everyday materials

Working Scientifically


Computing Science

  • Logo, Blindfolded human mazes, probots and Beebot paths to correct/debug.

Information Technology

  • Purple Mash: 2 Design and Make,
  • 2investigate, 2graph, 2 create a story Searches within Purple Mash and Espresso, blogging, Google Earth

Digital Literacy

  • All Year Groups take part in ‘Safer Internet Day’.

http:/ .uk


Focus: LS Lowry (drawing)

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Study of an artist
  • Form, line, shape
Design and Technology




Technical Knowledge

Cooking and Nutrition

  • Dance
  • Invasion Games
  • Striking and Fielding Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Multi-skills

Key Question: How do we respond to the things that really matter?

  • Christianity God/Jesus/Church
  • Islam
  • Sikh Dharam
  • Buddhism
PSHCE and Values

Unit 4  Emotional Health Well being

Unit 7 – Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Unit  Taking part

Unit 5 – Keeping Safe

Unit /Unit 10  Sex and Relationships


It’s Ok to Tell

Unit 12  Antibullying


Continents and oceans (Locational Knowledge)

North and South pole (Human and Physical)

Compass points/aerial photographs

(Skills and Fieldwork)

Geog vocab (Human Features)


Events beyond memory nationally e.g. Great Fire of London, first aeroplane flight

Lives of significant people in the past – national and international e.g. Neil Armstrong, Mary Seacole


Focus genre: Pop

  • Using voices
  • Playing instruments
  • Listen and respond to music
  • Composition

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