Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

We’re Year 6 and our class name is Oak.  Our team consists of our teacher Miss Phillips  and our teaching assistants Mrs Catterall and Mrs Ashcroft.

Year 6 is a pivotal year not only in regards to the SATs tests undertaken in May but also in terms of the emotional and physical developments your children will embark on, as they begin to flourish into young adults and think about their transition to High School and starting a new chapter iin their lives.

Our shared vision is that every child in Year 6 will leave Eccleston with an “I can do’ attitude and the personal grit and determination to be the best that they can be. Future aspirations and prospects are at the forefront of everything we do; we want our children to leave knowing that we all believed in them and encouraged them to do the best that they can in preparing them to be confident learners in a changing world.

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Programmes of Study


Working Scientifically

Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

Evolution and Inheritance




Computing Science

  • 2code and Scratch introduction

Information Technology

  • Animation using DigiBlues or Helium Frog stop/click animation

Microsoft Word

  • Searches within Advanced Espresso and Google
  • Purple Mash: 2create a story

Digital Literacy

All Year Groups take part in ‘Safer Internet Day’. .uk


Focus; Salvador Dali (painting)

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Study of artists, architects, designers in
  • History
Design and Technology




Technical Knowledge

Cooking and Nutrition

  • Dance
  • Striking and Fielding
  • Invasion Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics

Key Question: Is life like journey?

  • Christianity God/Jesus/Church
  • Islam
  • Sikh Dharam
  • Buddhism

Focus genre: Opera

  • Use of voices
  • Composition
  • Performing using instruments
  • Musical notation
  • History of music
PSHCE and Values

Unit 4  Emotional Health Well being

Unit  Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Unit 9  Taking part

Unit  Keeping Safe

Unit /Unit 10  Sex and Relationships Education/It’s Ok to Tell

Unit 12  Antibullying


Latitude and longitude (Locational Knowledge)

Artie and Antarctic Circle (Locational Knowledge)

Climate zones and types of settlement

and land use (Human and Physical)

Use maps/atlases/globes ( Geog Skills)

Fieldwork and six-figure grid reference

(Geog Skills)


Changes in Britain from Stone Age to

Iron Age

Non European contrasting society

  • Festivals
  • Time
  • Holidays and Weather

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